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Custom Pole Barn Construction Services

Quality, professionalism, and competitive pricing since 2003

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Custom Pole Barn Construction Services- Built to Last

We build pole barns throughout Washington state including Lewis, Thurston, Clark, Olympia, Chehalis and Centralia Counties.

Flexible Design for Multiple Uses

Pole barns are one of the most versatile construction types. With roof spans of up to 80 feet and no need for center posts, they create vast, open interior spaces, ideal for livestock, equipment storage and recreational use. Fully customizable, they can be built in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to meet your precise needs.


Orozco Construction has built pole barns ranging from compact 24’ x 24’ double car garages to expansive 80’ x 160’ storage facilities. These structures have varying degrees of complexity, with some fully enclosed featuring walls, doors and insulation. Others are designed as open-air basic roof structures.

By leveraging their construction flexibility, pole barns are well-suited for a myriad of applications, including:

Pole Barn Construction

Why Orozco Construction

Established in 2003, Orozco Construction has more than two decades of expertise in the specialized production of pole barns. We’re a family-owned business located in southwest Washington and proudly serving communities throughout our state.

With more than two decades in business, we’ve earned a reputation for quality workmanship and reliability. We price our pole barns competitively while ensuring the structural integrity and longevity of every structure we build.

High Quality Materials

Pole barns are surprisingly sturdy and durable. Their structural core requires a minimal amount of concrete and the poles. We use pressure-treated lumber for posts and engineered trusses for the roof. The roofing material can be metal, shingles, vinyl or other. With the design and materials customizable to your precise application, pole barns can last upward of 100 years, making them an exceptional value.

A fast, and easier process

Streamlined Development

House with Metal Siding

Opting for custom pole barn construction services over conventional construction offers the distinct advantage of streamlined development. We complete your custom pole barn in five key steps:


  1. Needs assessment – We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your requirements, considering both current applications and possible future use.
  2. Development of engineering drawings – We facilitate the creation of engineering blueprints, if required.
  3. Permit acquisition – We navigate the complicated regulatory requirements and acquire the necessary permits.
  4. Site preparation – We get the site ready for the pole barn, including land clearing and, when necessary, the laying of a concrete pad to serve as a solid foundation.
  5. Pole barn installation – We construct the pole barn with efficiency and quality workmanship, turning the conceptualization into a fully functional structure.
Our Benefits

An Effective Solution

Because of their unique construction and vast open spaces, pole barns can be used to:

Enjoy these features in your pole barn:

Pole Barn Building
We construct the pole barn with efficiency and quality workmanship, turning the conceptualization into a fully functional structure.

Here’s what our customers are saying About our custom pole barns…

Nello J.
Vancouver, WA

“Miguel and his team have done a fantastic job building our barn/shop. The team worked very hard non-stop regardless of the weather. We are happy with the result.”

Kyle D.
Chehalis, WA

“Orozco Construction has exceeded all expectations, and we couldn’t be happier with our pole barn. We have at least one person a week stop and ask about our barn. Great service and quality work. We will use Orozco Construction again and will recommend their services to others.”


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Ready to explore Our custom pole barn construction services? Contact us for a no-obligation quote.

Pole barns is a form of construction made of highly engineered, prefabricated components. They can function as a garage, workshop, hobby shed, event center, horse stable, or primary residence.

A well-built and properly maintained pole barn can last upwards of 100 years.

Every pole barn is different but generally speaking, we use pressure treated as the main vertical support structure. For roofing, we use engineered trusses and metal or asphalt shingles. Insulation may include fiberglass, foam board or other options to control temperature. Decorative touches, doors and windows depend on the barn’s design.  We work closely with our inspectors to make sure any special materials requested by customers can be used and will pass code requirements.

The possibilities are endless. Some of the most common features are enclosed walls, custom doors, insulation, windows, skylights, ventilation systems, overhangs, electricity and lighting, to name just a few.

We customize pole barns to fit your exact needs. The size is extremely flexible, but common sizes are 40x 60, 30x 40, 30x 50, 24’ x 24 and much more.

We can build a pole barn residence. It will be fully functional as a home, complete with exterior and interior walls, doors and windows as well as insulation, plumbing and electricity.

We can work with your engineer and architect to create blueprints if needed. If you don’t have a relationship with these professionals, we’re happy to refer you to people we know and trust in the area.

We handle the permitting process. Orozco Construction is known to local towns and cities for our quality construction. We’re often able to accelerate the permitting process.

We can assist with land clearing and foundation work as needed.

For the most part, pole barns are delightfully maintenancefree, only requiring routine upkeep and attention to repairs as needed. We do recommend you paint it once every three years, which will help extend its longevity.  

Pole barns are what we do and have been doing since 2003. We have a hard-earned reputation for quality construction and integrity. Because pole bars are our primary focus, we have the expertise, experience and construction crew to make the project turnkey for you. From design, permitting and sitework, to concrete and erection, we’ve got you covered.


We provide pole barns to customers located throughout Washington State including Lewis, Thurston, Clark, Olympia, Chehalis and Centralia Counties.



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